Continuing to Worship

Red Hill returned to in person worship on Sunday June 21st.  At this time we have a worship service on Sundays at 11 am only.  Our desire is to continue to assist you by pointing you to some resources to help you continue to grow and worship God.  This is not an exhaustive list by any means but just a desire from me, Alan Morgan the Pastor, to help you with some resources while we are the church scattered.  Some of these are people, books, and resources that I have used and hope can bring some spiritual enjoyment into your life. Enjoy, and we look forward to worshiping together soon. 

Message videos available

We recently added the opportunity to watch video sermons.  These videos are being created by the Pastor for individuals to use during this time of quarantine.  Click here to find the latest video message.   
These messages were not live-streamed as we have some technical difficulties that would enable Red Hill to live-stream, but they were recorded with the intent to be viewed and shared.  We hope you enjoy.    

What do I do now that I cannot attend worship at church?

We understand and feel the desire to be the church gathered together to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ at this time.  Do not lose heart you have all the skills you need to worship God at home.  Primary elements that you need to have a family worship experience are: The family (whether that is a single person or multiple individuals of varying ages) and the Bible.  Do not try and over complicate it.  
Read Scripture – Pray – Sing 
Add recorded music from you favorite praise and worship groups through a streaming service or music device
Sing hymns – maybe even without music
Listen to a sermon – Previous sermons from Red Hill are located here. 
Remember it is about your heart giving praise to God

Continue with reading the Bible: 

At the beginning of the year, we embarked on a journey to read the Bible through in a year.  We are using the plan from  You can download the schedule from their website.  Of course, you can never go wrong reading God’s Word.  What if you have fallen behind?  Then if you have free time, try to read a little extra to catch up.  Feel that you are too far behind or are just starting?  Then start on today’s date and go from there. Our desire is that you read God’s Word. 


Places for Bible Resources: 

Lifeway: They have been providing resources and curriculum to Southern Baptist churches for many years.  Here you can find various Bible base resources, articles, and links to other resources.  Feel free to do some exploring. Find them at 
Crossway: They are offering some free resources during the virus.  They sell Bibles and books but also have numerous articles.  Find them at 

Individuals for Blogs, Podcasts, Etc…:

Chuck Lawless: Is the Dean at Southeastern Theological Seminary and professor of Evangelism and Missions.  He also has a church consulting firm and produces a daily blog regarding matters of the church.  Find them at
Paul Tripp Ministries: Dr. Paul David Tripp is a pastor, event speaker, and author. He does a lot in the realm of Christian living and connecting the transforming power of Christ to everyday life. Find his resources at  
Dr. Albert Mohler: Is the President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and probably the most intellectual individual I have ever met.  On this site, you will find numerous articles on a wide variety of topics.  Personally, I believe the best part will be his podcast called the Briefing.  The Briefing is about a twenty minute commentary on current news topics.  Find them at    

Resources for Families, Kids and Grand-kids:

Following are links to resources that can help you worship and engage kids and grand-kids with Bible study.

Visionary Family Ministries: This is the ministry of Rob and Amy Reinow, who strive to encourage and educate parents and families.  Their website has videos and articles on marriage and parenting.  Find them at
Seeds Family Worship: Provides you with scripture set to music. The music is good. They have numerous volumes of songs and some resources to assist you in engaging kids.  Find them at   
Bible Project: A site with videos whose goal is to “help people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.”  Find them at 
Minno:  Although this is a subscription site with a lot of videos, you get a free week to try it out.  I knew them as Jelly Telly when doing children’s ministry.  Probably the best set of videos they have is called “Buck Denver asks, ‘What’s in the Bible?'” Find them at   

How about reading? 

Interested in doing some reading during the days of isolation, then check out some of these following works.  Some of these are books I have introduced to Red Hill’s leadership and some are ones that I have read, am currently reading, or are in the stack of books to read. I believe every pastor has at least one stack of books to read. 
Quick reads about church.  The following four books are all written by Thom Rainer, the recently retired President of Lifeway.  All four find themselves in the realm of church revitalization and are useful for helping us look at our church and what we may need to do to make it better.  I have read all four of these and each has good points for us to take away.  Autopsy of a Deceased Church, Scrappy Church: God’s Not Done Yet, Becoming A Welcoming Church, and We Want You Here.     
Organic Outreach for Ordinary People by Kevin G. Harney.  This is a book that I am currently reading and enjoying as the author’s focus is on helping believers pass on the good news of Jesus in natural ways.  Best thing is it is not another system or program but based on Biblical practices to incorporate into your life to naturally share the gospel.    
Sing! How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church by Keith and Kristyn Getty.  They are modern hymn writers and best-know for the modern hymn, “In Christ Alone.”  I have read this book and it is an enjoyable short read.  In fact I have copies in my office if interested.  The work is a look at this thing we do at church called “singing.”  Why we do it? How we do it? 
Worship Matters Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God by Bob Kauflin.  I must confess that I have not personally read this work.  It is in my stack of books to read.  The book is to help the reader “understand the why and how of biblical worship.”